Truck Washing Systems

Autowash Engineering Ltd are a UK based designer and manufacturer of truck washing machines.

This site will collect information about the trucking and logistics and will focus on the vehicle washing machines industry.

Based in Warwickshire in the UK, Autowash were established in 1973 and since then have evolved and now design/make/supply/service/repair all types of vehicle washing systems.

The designs of truck washing that Autowash manufacture include the three brush rollover, vehicle interior washers, jet/pressure Washing equipment, drive-through brush and fixed arch machines.

You can read about the various washing machines that are in the Autowash portfolio. Each design of washing machine is in the context of the industry highly innovative. By investing in a vehicle washing system a company will increase the working life of a fleet and so over time will naturally save on high vehicle costs.

Visit the Autowash Engineering Ltd website by clicking truck-wash or for queries about truck washing solutions please call 01455 213177.

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Three Brush Rollover       Interior Washers              Jet/Pressure Wash 

Drive-Through Brush      Fixed-Arch Machines     Water Recycling

Truck Washing Machines